Public Speaking

Unique, inspiring, engaging content with simple and practical application – complete your speaking programme

“Listening to Mark makes you realise that you could and should be doing more. He is a truly inspiring speaker who engages well with his audience .”

I speak extensively on CSR – from 20-minute power lectures to half and whole day workshops.

“Mark’s subject matter is topical and relevant. Employers, employees and (most importantly) patients/customers are becoming more discerning in the choice of who they hire, work for and buy from. Having a responsible approach to your community, environment and people is becoming a competitive advantage in the marketplace. His presentation will add unique value to any speaking programme” Chris Barrow – Business Coach, Author, Speaker

CSR is now a business essential

You can’t ignore the fact that society is becoming more critical of businesses that fail to ‘act responsibly’.

Whether you have customers, clients or patients, both they and your staff are looking to you. They want to see the hallmarks of a trustworthy business. They look for positive work culture, environmental responsibility and your role in the community with charities.

Whether you consider yourself ‘charitable’ or not, you cannot argue with the numbers. 88%* of consumers now expect social and environmental responsibility as an integral part of every business – no matter how big or small.

Speaking Engagements

Far from being yet another challenge to overcome, your Corporate Social Responsibility is actually something that you can turn into an advantage. Building a purpose-driven, engaged team and a stellar reputation.

I can explain how, as well as showing your audience the simple, practical steps you can take, no matter what your starting point. Whether you need a keynote, seminar or workshop speaker, I have over 20 years experience in speaking to, presenting and training groups. Schedule a call or send me an email to discuss your event.

“Excellent presentation in both content and style. Mark’s passion for, and understanding of, his subject rings through and provides his audience with knowledge and motivation in an entertaining manner. At the talk’s conclusion, I wanted to call every dentist and team member I know to encourage them to get on board and start making a difference with Corporate Social Responsibility.”  Dr Alun Rees – Business Coach

“Mark unpacks the subject of CSR in a straightforward, engaging way that leaves you feeling inspired and knowing what you can – and should – do to make your CSR better. His talk shows you not only why CSR is important and how it’s good for your team and your business, but also gives you practical takeaways to get started.”  Lisa Bainham – President, The Association of Dental Administrators & Managers 

*CONE Survey 2015