I’m Mark Topley – Founder of the CSR Coach. CSR – stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

I help owners and managers to turn that niggling feeling they have that their business needs to act responsibly into pride and satisfaction that they’re not just ticking a box with their CSR but creating impact and value for their people, the environment and their community.

My background

After 20+ years working with business, charities and government on four continents I’ve learned a lot about, and seen first hand the power for good that’s possible when the private, charitable and government sectors work well together. I understand the commitment owners feel about running responsible businesses, and the frustration and challenges that come from putting it into practice.

My career started in teaching, before moving into community project management, charity startup, and the music industry. A chance encounter involving a curry saw me enter the Oral Health world and took me and my wife Jo to Tanzania in 2006 to work alongside the Founders of a charity – Bridge2Aid. During this time we worked extensively with small and large corporates and government, designing and delivering aspects of CSR. I’ve also been a bit of a challenge junkie – climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling across the Pyrenees, walking the Great Wall of China and taking part in running and trekking events. But I don’t do heights…

My drive

In 2017 I decided to take my experience and passion into a new role, inspiring and making it simple for businesses to maximise the benefits to be gained from CSR, and work productively and meaningfully with charities.

In a world where it is getting harder and more important to stand out as a responsible business, I help owners respond positively to the challenge of changing consumer expectations to act responsibly – environmentally, socially, and with their people. So they can demonstrate their credentials authentically, win more business, and lead more profitable teams.