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With over 25 years of international experience, I've been helping businesses and organisations turn their CSR and ESG goals into actionable strategies for a while! From start-ups to governmental bodies and blue-chip companies, my aim is to make your ethical and sustainable ambitions a reality. As your board-level adviser, I will challenge conventional wisdom and offer solutions that are not just smart for today but also sustainable for the future.

I’ve held various board positions, and most recently, I've been directing Purpose Driven Business Ltd. Between 2010 and 2017, I led the development charity Bridge2Aid as its CEO, expanding our team and programmes across East Africa. During my tenure, I was instrumental in developing an innovative clinical training programme in emergency dentistry for the Tanzanian Government, and expanding the charity's support base in Australia.

Today, I’m also the mind behind Responsible Dentistry and Great Boss Academy. So, whether it's pioneering ethical business practices with Purpose Driven ESG, transforming dental healthcare with Responsible Dentistry, or creating amazing work cultures through Great Boss Academy, I can help you with leading change and achieving results.

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A little bit about me

Here's a short 3 minute video to help you understand what Purpose Driven Business is all about.


"Mark is the leading exponent of

CSR in the UK dental space"

"Excellent course on leadership & team building."

He has consistently delivered value through his mentorship, coaching and advice to those both in the profession and the industry. I certainly look to Mark as the "gold standard" on CSR in our sector.

Simon Gambold

Former VP - Henry Schein

Being a Boss in today's world can be an incredibly challenging task.

It often feels like you're juggling multiple plates while riding a rollercoaster, constantly striving to prevent any of them from falling.

Having spent 15 years in East Africa as a senior leader of an international development charity, where I eventually became the CEO, I understand the pressures you face. We managed various programmes, including a social enterprise and a full-service private dental practice, so I am well-versed in the demands of dental leadership.

Despite not receiving formal leadership training, I managed to thrive! Through the guidance of my mentors, coaches, and a great deal of studying, reading, and practice, I learned how to lead and, more importantly, how to view myself as a leader.

I have successfully led teams for over 20 years, gradually developing my leadership skills and knowledge on the job, day by day, week by week, and month by month. Now, I have distilled the insights I've gained into user-friendly programs to support people like you.

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