Mark has wide experience designing, implementing and developing CSR programmes and partnering with companies from one-man consultancy businesses to global corporates and everything in between. Over the past 23 years, he has worked with charities and businesses on four continents.

Mark began his career as a teacher, before moving into community project management, charity startup, and the music industry. A chance encounter involving a curry saw him enter the Oral Health world and start work with Dentaid and then Bridge2Aid in 2003. Mark was deeply challenged by the pain and suffering he witnessed first hand affecting millions of people caused by untreated dental disease across East Africa. His response took him and his wife Jo to Tanzania in 2006 to work alongside the Founders of Bridge2Aid, Ian and Andie Wilson. Over the next 10 years, whilst living in Tanzania, Bridge2Aid would grow to become the UK’s foremost dental charity, now run in Tanzania by Tanzanians, respected and recognised at the highest levels of Government, with an impact on millions of East Africans.

In 2017 Mark made the decision to take his experience and passion into a new role, inspiring businesses to maximise the benefits to be gained from CSR, and work productively and meaningfully with charities. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and 3 children.

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