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Becoming a Great Boss is possible.


Simple, straightforward practical training & coaching

Pragmatic and time efficient CSR consultancy, resources & training

Streamlined and effective consultancy & support for busy Boards


"Mark is an amazingly talented

trainer, consultant, coach

and trainer."

"Excellent course on leadership & team building."

Working from a place of deep-rooted care for others, Mark enables the CSR function in businesses of all sizes and sectors and does so in a way that educates and entertains.

Chris Barrow

Coach, author, speaker

What’s right

for you?

If you are new here and wondering which Great Boss option is right for you, here’s a quick run down.

Great Boss Bootcamp

If you want a proven, focussed way to cover the Great Boss fundamentals in an hour a week. Ten week online course with live sessions, discussion, and practical application.

Great Boss Bootcamp

for Management Teams

If you have a Management Team or a group of Practice Managers that you want to enhance their skills and boost their confidence, the Great Boss Bootcamp is perfect for you. The program requires a minimum of 8 participants.

Great Boss Academy

If you’ve already been through the Bootcamp, or you’re scoring over 90% in the Great Boss Scorecard, the Academy will help you make continuous development manageable and straightforward.

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