CSR – Why?

If you’re in business or running any organisation you’ll be increasingly aware of the need to act in responsible ways. Social and Environmental Responsibility is now expected by almost 90% of consumers, and the growing millennial workforce is looking for work with purpose. CSR is the term used to describe these responsibilities and it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Although some see a conflict between a profitable business and sustainable business, the evidence points to the contrary. There are countless evidence-based reasons why ‘doing the right thing’ is not just the right thing, but smart business.

The One Critical Fact

Almost 90% of people now expect your business to do environmental and social good as a normal part of your business strategy. Consumers and employees, influencers and suppliers have all shifted the way they judge a business.

This is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Two Important Reasons why to address your CSR

One – Consumers love businesses who can demonstrate they act responsibly – 88% expect you to do social and environmental good as an integral part of your business strategy. If you do, the rewards are clear:

  • 93% will have a better image of you
  • 90% will be more loyal to you
  • 88% will trust you more

And that’s good for you because it means that you develop a customer base that will stick with you, complain less, and are more likely to recommend you to others.

Two – Teams in socially responsible businesses are 67% more engaged. Engaged employees:

  • are 87% less likely to leave
  • are 12% more profitable
  • are 18% more productive
  • will generate 120% of salary (as opposed to 80% for a disengaged employee)

And that’s good for you because it means less attrition, lower recruitment and retention costs, higher productivity and profitability, and fewer mistakes. It means a happier, more stable team, a healthier workplace and a more profitable, more valuable business.

The Three CSR Coach Pillars

There are three foundational pillars that define CSR Coach CSR.

Team & Ethics Environment & Sustainability Charity & Community

The Four CSR Coach Keys to Success

A global study of successful CSR, drawing on more than 300 pieces of research and interviews with top executives identified four keys to successful CSR:

  • Match carefully
  • Commit wholeheartedly
  • Communicate widely
  • Manage professionally

Putting it into practice without creating ‘yet another thing to do’

I created The CSR Coach System to provide a workable model for businesses to use in addressing their CSR.

It helps owners and managers implement a comprehensive approach to CSR that benefits both the business, society and the environment. It is a simple, straightforward system that can be applied to any small to medium-sized business or organisation.

The CSR Coach System has been developed using examples of best practice, the global evidence base for successful CSR, and my 20+ years experience of working in the charity, business and development spheres. It has been influenced by my 12 years in senior leadership, working with companies of all sizes, from global corporates to independent businesses, helping to design and implement their CSR.