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I’ve had the privilege of helping businesses to great success with their CSR, bringing their team together and creating greater impact for their good causes, as well as strengthening their reputation and environmental credentials. Here are some of their testimonial videos.

Joe Watson – Tiwari Watson Dental Care – Glasgow

James Goolnik – Bow Lane Dental – London

Colin Campbell – The Campbell Clinic & Academy – Nottingham

Joe Bhat – Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre – London

Sarah Jones – Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre – London

“Mark is personally and professionally inspirational. He has the clear thinking needed to create a future vision, and the communication skills required to ensure that everyone around him buys into that vision (and can see a pathway for themselves). He has the humility to listen, and sets the example of the standards of performance and behaviour that he expects from those around him.

“Mark’s CSR Club is an absolute “no-brainer” for any practice who understands the positive benefits with team and patients of a well-managed social responsibility programme..”

Chris Barrow – Author, Coach, Speaker, Explorer

“Working with Mark has been brilliant because we can now see a pathway going forward. He managed to strengthen the things we were doing already but also show us some areas that we could also work with. I don’t think we’d have been able to branch into new areas without his help because it would have just been just overwhelming and too much to do. For anybody who’s interested in doing good through your business, and if you need any assistance, you need to give Mark a call because he has a view on this that the guys inside of dentistry don’t have.”
Colin Campbell – The Campbell Clinic & The Campbell Academy
“We knew Mark through his excellent work with Bridge2Aid and were keen to find out how we could improve our CSR. We have always taken our place in the community very seriously at The Old Surgery, but Mark identified many ways in which we could improve both what we were doing and how we could communicate that more effectively.

“We are delighted to recommend Mark to others and look forward to putting into practice his recommendations…after all, we all have responsibility for the effects of our business on the environment and social well being. Plus the bonus is for our patients, who love getting involved, now have more opportunities. People buy people… especially the nice kind”

Lisa Bainham – President – Association of Dental Administrators and Managers, Practice Manager – The Old Surgery Dental Practice

“Mark is a brilliant coach and has formalised and made our CSR so much fun! Thank you, Mark, from the crew at Elleven Dental

Sameer Patel, Partner, Elleven Dental, London

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