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I have proven expertise and experience to help you identify and crystallise your aims for your charity CSR, create a plan that aligns with your strategy and engages your team and customers. I can  advise and troubleshoot through to successful delivery.

My help will enable you to:

  • create an embedded, aligned plan for charity CSR activity which is congruent with your business objectives
  • select and work effectively with a charity or charities that your team are passionate about
  • positively engage your team, shape your culture, raise vital funds
  • positively promote your intervention both internally and externally


  • Charity CSR Strategy design
  • Strategy to plan translation and delivery team engagement
  • Charity/voluntary engagement and selection
  • Team engagement and inspiration
  • Event and campaign design and planning
  • Internal and External Communication of your achievements
  • After discussing your aims, I can propose time and cost effective bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Fixed Term Support – levels will be dependent on duration of contract:

  • Work with your team for 1-2 days a month to review the current role of CSR in the company and how this lines up with aspiration or stated values
  • Create a plan to align activity to achieve objectives to meet aspirations
  • Advise on charity selection
  • Enable your team to contribute fully to the process but remain focussed on their primary roles.
  • Take the bulk of the strain and workload to deliver the plan, and if required, the events and activities conceived.
  • Review and reinvigorate to maintain interest.
  • Ensure achievements are promoted internally and externally.

Stand alone projects

  • Engage with you and your team to conceive a specific fundraising event or campaign
  • Advise on charity selection
  • Create an event plan to successfully deliver the event using your resources
  • Effectively communicate your contributions

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