Designed for business owners that want the complete package – plan creation, team engagement, implementation support.

I do the heavy lifting to get your CSR strategy right from the start. I will involve you in the parts that need you, and leave you alone for the parts that don’t. I understand and appreciate how precious your time is.

Planned & Implemented involves walking you through a process to:

  • review, envision, and plan your CSR – People, Environment, Community
  • engage your team and stakeholders, and get them enthusiastic about the plan
  • support your appointed ’CSR Champion’ through the critical first 60 days
  • an assessment of your environmental responsibility, and a straightforward plan to make it better
  • matching your business with charity and community partners and a regular, but manageable set of activities that will work for you, and keep the ‘feel good’ going.
  • create bespoke communications collateral for your website, social media and customers.

Planned and Implemented involves an investment of £1,500 to £2,250 depending on the size of your team and complexity of the plan required.

If you want 2019 to be the year you finally get the right approach to the team, environment and community – act now. Don’t waste any more time or money without taking the first step towards a more responsible business.