Get off to a great start with a professional plan.
You’re a leader that really wants to grow your business, engage your team, care for the environment, and make a positive impact on your community. But you just don’t have time – you need someone to create your plan.
Planned for you is just that – I will create a customised CSR plan for you:
  • a simple, targeted, effective set of activities for your team engagement
  • an assessment of your environmental responsibility, and a straightforward plan to make it better
  • matching your business with charity and community partners and a regular, but manageable set of activities that will work for you, and keep the ‘feel good’ going.
You’ll get a step-by-step plan for one of your team to implement, as well as bespoke communications collateral for your website, social media and customers.
It’s a fast process, involving 2 x 45 minute Zoom/Skype/phone calls over 2 weeks at a time to suit you:
  • Call One- Discovery – digging into the value and culture base of your business, exploring your boundaries for CSR commitment and discussing initial ideas
  • Call Two- Agreement – discussing the plan I create for you, and ensuring it meets your needs

Handover – I send, and talk you or your ‘CSR Champion’ through:

  • a step by step plan to follow
  • CSR text for your website
  • a CSR social media plan that aligns with and strengthens what you do now
  • text and design ideas for customer-facing CSR material
What’s more, I will also support you or the team member you assign to be responsible for CSR for the first 60 days, ensuring you get off to a solid start.
Planned for You requires an investment of £750, one that will more than pay off in team engagement, productivity, reputation and positive impact on your community.
If you want 2019 to be the year you finally get the right approach to the team, environment and community – act now. Don’t waste any more time or money without taking the first step towards a more responsible business.
‘I see now how our work can have a very positive effect on the local community, and this can only help enhance our reputation in the long term. It’s important to me to also run a business that the staff like to be part of and enjoy their work. Staff morale/job satisfaction can help with retention, which in turn helps productivity and performance longer term. I’m looking forward to 2019 to having a more holistic, structured approach to CSR. I’m confident 2019 will produce some promising results.’
Joe Watson – Tiwari Watson Dental Care, Glasgow – ‘Planned for You’ Client