Helping you, your team and your business through Covid-19

These are unprecedented times. They call for leadership, courage and community. Your business has the opportunity and the responsibility to help.

At a time like this, it’s easy to think that we simply don’t have time for our Corporate Social Responsibility. But as uncertain as things are, it’s never been more important to be team and community-minded.

As a small business owner myself, I understand and appreciate that there are many concerns over how we will get through this period. I’m facing those same challenges myself.

Times of fear, uncertainty and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. But the pandemic is absolutely a reason why community engagement and leadership (two key aspects of CSR) have suddenly become more important, not less. What’s more, after taking care of your response plan, the outward focus will help you navigate the crisis more effectively – emotionally and mentally.

Now more than ever, your team and your community are looking to you for a demonstration of your values.

I’m here to support owners and managers to lead with confidence, courage and purpose through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Helping you Lead with Purpose through Covid-19

I know that you are probably drowning in decisions, information and issues. Your own game of ‘Whack a Mole’ trying to keep everything going in a time of huge uncertainty. There are 3 ways I can help you specifically:

In response to the pandemic and the rapid impact it is having on our businesses, I have produced three free PDFs with ideas that you can use and share with your team:

  • Leader’s survival guide – simple, no-nonsense advice on what I have done, and am doing to keep well
  • Team guide – the vital aspects of keeping your team calm, courageous and positive, as well as how and why you need to structure a remote team, even if people aren’t actually working.
  • Community Engagement guide – the things you can do to help your community and the wider effort. Ideas that will make a difference and help you and your team to stay positive by making a contribution.

You can download the resources here.

Communication is absolutely key at this time – with patients, staff and with the wider community. People need reassurance, kindness and compassion. But they also need clarity. In the absence of strong and clear communication, they will create their own narrative, and it will always be a worst-case scenario. I can help you hone your messages and make sure that miscommunication doesn’t become your biggest problem.

I can offer a complimentary 30-minute call or Zoom to help.

I’ve been a charity CEO and business leader that has led organisations and teams through crises. I’ve managed a couple of pretty big disaster aversion and disaster recovery efforts. I have been in your shoes and survived. If you need a sounding board, I can do that and would be happy too.

I can offer a complimentary 30-minute call or Zoom to help.

Check my Facebook Page for further ideas, resources and links to ways that you can find and give help.

Updated 20/3