CSR Academy

A one-year coaching journey to become a certified, responsible, sustainable, happier and healthier business

From January 2020, you can be one of an exclusive and highly motivated group of practices and businesses who will be coached through a proven process to embed CSR at the heart of your business. You’ll be creating greater impact for the environment and good causes, boosting your reputation, and bringing your team together.

“It has brought our close team even closer together in a way that I didn’t think was possible” Joe Bhat – Moor Park Specialist Dental Referral Centre

The CSR Academy uses the CSR Coach System. It’s a year-long CSR coaching programme that will engage everyone in the business to:

  • Fully understand what CSR is
  • Create a CSR plan that covers a responsible approach to team & ethics, environment & sustainability, and charity & community engagement
  • Get everyone involved by making sure the plan has something for everyone whilst being focussed and strategic
  • Ensure it works through a supported implementation and monitoring framework
  • Communicate your values, commitments and outcomes in a way that will show that you’re a genuine, trustworthy business – answering your customers’ asked and unasked questions about whether you have a business conscience
  • Recognise and celebrate your work through Gold CSR Certification (where applicable)

“Mark is a brilliant coach who has formalised and made CSR so much fun!” Sameer Patel – Elleven Dental

How membership helps you

Membership of the CSR Coach Academy takes the thinking about CSR off the owner and manager’s desk. There is a proven process to follow with comprehensive training, guidance, coaching as well as consultancy to complete many aspects of the work for you. We’ve designed the CSR Academy to make the process of responding to the CSR challenge manageable, affordable and completely integrated into the running of your business.

“It’s flowed well, it just comes into our practice meetings. It’s not been like “Oh God, we have to do this”, it’s been different and good fun. I’d definitely recommend it.” – Joe Watson – Tiwari Watson Dental Care

Where is the Academy?

All stages of the Academy process are delivered at your premises, at times to suit you and your team. The time commitment during month 1 and 2 is just 1 hour per month for face to face meeting, with 2-3 emails in between.

From Month 3 onwards, the time commitment for the Owner almost disappears, and that of the ‘CSR Champion’ is 2-3 hours a month, which includes the monthly support call. So membership of the Academy will not take you away from your business or take up unnecessary time.

When can I join?

Academy members can join during any month of the year. The Academy cohorts are strictly limited in size to ensure that each member receives the right level of support, coaching and practical assistance.

What is my Financial Investment?

Membership of the CSR Coach Academy is £400 per month (inclusive of any sales tax) for 12 months.

What is the Investment of Time?

  • Foundation Stage  – Face to Face 1-hour meeting with owners and senior managers
  • Planning Stage – Done for you – I will create a bespoke plan based on your values, aims and targets
  • Team Engagement – Done for you – I will lead a 1-hour session to get your team on board and participating in the process
  • Communications – Done for you – I will write content for your website, posters and social media
  • Implementation – Monthly Coaching Call – I will hold your CSR Champion to account, support and coach them to ensure the plan works and overcomes the inevitable challenges
  • Review Stage – I will review your plan with you towards the first year, and develop a new one for the next 12 months
  • Dental CSR Certification – at an appropriate point, we will work together to apply for Gold Dental CSR Certification

“Working with Mark has been brilliant because we can now see a pathway going forwards. He managed to strengthen the things we were doing already but also show us some areas that we could also work with.” Colin Campbell – The Campbell Academy & Clinic

“Nowadays, when patients look for quality, they take into consideration more than the simple offer of clinical excellence and customer service. They are interested in your core values. Mark’s CSR Academy is an absolute “no-brainer” for any practice who understands the positive benefits with team and patients of a well-managed social responsibility programme..” Chris Barrow – author, speaker and business coach



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