Colin Campbell – Owner – The Campbell Clinic & Academy

“Working with Mark has been fantastic – he clarified the whole path for our CSR, engaging with the senior leadership team and showing a pathway which allows us now to go back to the staff of 32 and look downwards through the business and engage people.
“We wanted to develop a much more formal approach to making the best of the money that we raise and donate through our CSR. We needed help to structure that and how to make the biggest impact both inside the business with the team, and outside the business with what we’re doing. We called Mark because he has decades of experience of this kind of stuff and we’d reached the ceiling where we needed more structure and more expertise, I was delighted to be able to get help.

“Working with Mark has been brilliant because we can now see a pathway going forward. He managed to strengthen the things we were doing already but also show us some areas that we could also work with. I don’t think we’d have been able to branch into new areas without his help because it would have just been just overwhelming and too much to do.
“For anybody who’s interested in doing good through your business, and if you need any assistance, you need to give Mark a call because he has a view on this that the guys inside of dentistry don’t have.”
Colin Campbell – The Campbell Clinic & The Campbell Academy