Dental caries is the cause of excruciating toothache and is the world’s most common disease. There are around 30 million people living in rural Tanzania who have limited or no access to emergency dental treatment. Nearly half of them survive on less than $1 per day and are unable to afford transportation or pay to access treatment. As a result, people live with acute dental pain and infections for months and years, having a devastating effect on their work, health, family life and education. Bridge2Aid is a small UK charity that work with UK dental volunteers to provide emergency dental training to rural health officers in East Africa. Our vision is a world free of dental pain – and our work provides long-term lasting solutions by passing skills into local hands.

We enjoy building positive relationships with dental practices and companies in the UK. We try our very best to make these into real partnerships where we can provide the stories, information and feedback that provide a real boost to CSR projects.

Bridge2Aid would love to talk to your practice or company about how you can partner with us. We can work with you to develop the best options for you and your team including:

  • Pre- designed partnership opportunities
  • Charity of the year packages
  • Support and ideas for sponsorship and fundraising
  • Supplying you with social media stories and local press releases

Visit Bridge2Aid’s website for more information